World In The Hands


World In The Hands redefines news access by gathering in one unique search all up to date information: 

* Location on the globe 
* Associated country 
* Local time 
* Local currency and current rate 
* Local weather 
* Distance travelled from previous location 
* Most recent news sorted by date and associated to place name 
* Most recent tweets associated to geo-location and place name 
* Related news web pages 
* Related Wikipedia articles 
* 2D Maps 

Search is automatically initialized with your current location when the "Location Services" is enabled. 
Search history is maintained and backward, forward and reload are provided. 

Interactive globe allows to: 
* Spin the globe with a swipe of your finger 
* Tap on Countries 
* Pinch to zoom in and out 
* Display Colorized Countries 

Works with iPhone and iPad with OS 5.0 or above. Support Retina display.